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Napoli a spasso

Napoli a spasso” (literally “strolling around Naples”) is an itinerant show, and much more than that; it includes Michele Roscia interpreting many songs, and Michele is "one man band" able to play up to ten instruments. His repertoire is huge and ranges from classical to popular to blues. He’s an actor able to stop and keep a varied audience entertained with smiles and laughter, through his verve and spontaneity. Behind the scenes, his stories and anecdotes about his songs, make this show a unique representation of a culture and a tradition which is fading with time. 

The effect is clear: Michele remains in peoples’ hearts, not only because of the melodies engraved in everyone’s memory but also for bringing energy from other times. It’s about a generational passage, even in Michele’s way of putting up a show from a time "other", with a timeless yet full dimension. Above all it’s all due to his passion and love for his profession.

Puppet show
Pulcinella e la Forca
Pulcinella serenades his girlfriend Therese and each time you start a song is thwarted by the intervention of the mother-in-law, or by the dog and again from Don Gennaro . Speakers even the policeman and death, the latter suggests a game as old as the world. Pulcinella usual escapes death and overthrow the power
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